Ximple expands into M’sia, offers all-in-one e-commerce

Wong is seen explaining the concept of Ximple.


KUALA LUMPUR: Ximple, a Singapore-based e-commerce platform specialising in fully circular purchase practices for home appliances and consumer electronics, has expanded its services to the Malaysian market.

This expansion aims to revolutionise the way consumers shop, own, and dispose of electronics while accelerating local business growth.

Even as the country begins to open up once more, Malaysians continue to shop primarily through online platforms, as many have gotten accustomed to the convenience offered by these services during the height of the pandemic.

Despite the continued popularity of online shopping even for high-value items like electronics, according to Ximple, many digital marketplaces are quick to exit the customer journey immediately after the purchase point and neglect after-sale services such as proper return and disposal systems.

In championing the ‘Shop, Own and Dispose’ cycle, Ximple integrates smart technology into its e-commerce system to promote a circular lifestyle through the re-trading of technological goods.

A one-stop platform for more conscious and responsible consumption of electronics, Ximple allows consumers to purchase their devices and appliances at wholesale prices from various collaborative partners.

Consumers will then also have access to comprehensive after-sales services like rental, refurbishment, buyback, and disposal options at the end of a product’s life cycle.

Wong Wai Jeat


“Our strategic partners in Malaysia are the pivotal pillars to our expansion into this new market, owing to their local expertise and services. We are beyond grateful for these collaborations as our partners also share a similar vision in encouraging circular purchasing practices among Malaysian consumers, further creating an environmentally-conscious community,” said Ximple chief executive officer and founder Wong Wai Jeat.

Ximple comes with a social shopping tool that allows users to connect via wishlist sharing, as well as price comparison and community product review functions to make wiser, more informed purchasing decisions without having to spend hours researching.

The platform also advocates paper-free cloud storage of all receipts and invoices, thus eliminating lost warranty card issues and enabling users to easily track their warranty information. This can be retrieved in a matter of minutes by logging in through its website and mobile application.

The market expansion is strengthened through collaborations with strategic partners like Fictron, APR, Home+, See Media, and TBM. These partnerships are aimed at providing a greater variety of smart electronic products and exclusive deals while delivering a holistic experience for consumers and businesses.

Apart from catering to consumers, Ximple offers business-to-business solutions to support companies locally. Solutions include developing marketing strategies that best fit unique business models and sharing consumer feedback to gather tailored behaviour-driven insights which will ultimately improve business performance.

Through the platform, local merchants are fitted to operate seamlessly with multifarious business management tools, ranging from inventory and supplier management to point-of-sale systems.

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