Valuable necklace stolen from jewelry store in the Flour

SPOKANE, Wash. – A jewelry store located inside the Flour Mill in Downtown Spokane is dealing with theft after two men pried open a cabinet and stole a valuable necklace.

“It makes you a little more skeptical of everyone that walks through your door,” Jeff Levitch said.

Levitch has owned Levitch Jewelry & Consignment for over a decade. He was working with two customers on Wednesday afternoon, and stepped away for a ring cleaning.

Two other men were in the store–one of them pried open a jewelry cabinet near the front of the store, and took a diamond necklace. The theft was caught on Levitch’s security cameras.

One of the other customers in the store tried stepping in front of the men and confronting them.

“Not the best idea probably, it could’ve been dangerous,” Levitch said. “He kinda pushed past her and walked out the door and took off running. Once I looked in the [jewelry] case, I noticed the piece was gone.”

The piece itself is a six karat diamond necklace that Levitch said is worth $4,000 to $5,000.

Levitch said this theft is the first in his more than 10 years at the Flour Mill, but he has a long history in the industry and said this is nothing new.

“I owned a pawn shop here in town, I’ve worked at a few jewelry stores–there’s always some theft, but you generally don’t catch it until it’s gone,” Levitch said. “This one we were close, but they got away.”

Levitch said thankfully it wasn’t a smash and grab, and no one was hurt.

“It probably would’ve been a whole different outcome if it was a smash and grab, and they probably would’ve been here longer than they were in here,” Levitch said. “Fortunately it wasn’t, but unfortunately I still lost a pretty valuable piece of jewelry.”

Levitch said he will offer a reward if he can get the necklace back.

Spokane Police said they’re investigating this incident. If you have any information that could help investigators, you’re encouraged to call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 or visit their website by clicking here, and reference case number 2022-20110893.

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