The Importance of Wearing Shoes

The Importance of Wearing Shoes

A parent spent one hundred thousand Naira ($275) to buy shoes for his children at Christmas and someone thought spending such a staggering amount of money for something as trivial as shoes was too extravagant. The man replied that he buys shoes for his kids only once a year, usually at Christmas. But, besides the man’s explanation, shoes are important, even for the poorest man on earth.

Remember the story of Moses the Prophet in the Bible? When God appeared to him, he was instructed to take off his shoes. This shows that shoes have, at least been around for as far back as then.

There are times when the ground becomes too hot to walk on, when the sun is at its peak for the day. At this time, your feet get scorched by the ground. Sometimes, you even feel you are walking on burning coal. What about sharp objects on the ground that feel like needles when stepped on, things like angular stones, nails, thorns and even pieces of metals that cut like knives? Certainly, shoes would also protect your feet from getting infected, especially in moist weather conditions. In farms or forested areas, shoes would protect your feet from dangerous reptiles. Where the weather is dry, you develop crack marks, especially around the heels. These cracks aid the entry of infections easily. There is always dust as well. It settles on your feet, insulting you. Shoes also help improve safety in factories, protecting the feet from heavy objects that could fall and crush the toes or the whole feet. Superstitious people believe that wicked people sometimes throw poisons on roads to harm others. But there is the belief that shoes, when worn, protect people from such poisons.

Dust isn’t the only thing that insults people who move around without shoes. When you wear shoes, you avoid the disrespect that comes with walking the ground without shoes. It gives the impression that you are the worst church rat.

Shoes come in eclectic designs and qualities. This is because they have become symbols of fashion and class. Imelda Marcos, former first lady of Philippines, had at least, 1,220 pairs of shoes. Hence, shoes serve more than just to protect the feet. They help you to strongly communicate your status and help you come out dressed in a way defines your character.

For students or groups that want to introduce themselves without the use of words, uniforms come handy, and shoes, which form part of your uniforms, play a very important role.

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