Know Men’s Ring Size with These 5 Accurate Ways

Know Men’s Ring Size with These 5 Accurate Ways

There are two reasons men wear rings, just for jewelry or as proof of commitment to his wife. Whatever their reasons, choosing and determining the size of a men’s ring is an important step before buying it. Especially if the ring is worn for the rest of their lives, measuring a man’s finger is a step that should not be missed.

The question is, what is the right way to measure a men’s ring? What is the ideal size for a men’s ring so that it is not too loose or too tight? All of these questions will be discussed in detail in this Passion Jewelry article.
Men’s Ring Size Chart

Just like the size of shoes or clothes, rings also have their own type or standard of size. This size is denoted by a number corresponding to its diameter and circumference in millimeters (mm). There are two scales used to measure rings in general, namely the Indonesian scale (5.5 to 34) and the American scale (3 to 15).

The numbers used by these two scales are indeed different, but the size comparison is quite small, only 0.35 mm. So, there is no need to worry about the large size difference in making the scale, especially if there is a jewelry store that uses a different scale to measure its customers’ fingers.

The average men’s ring size is 17 on the Indonesian scale, with a width of about 4-6 meters. In contrast to women who have a smaller ring size, which is 12.5 on the Indonesian scale, with a width of 2-3 mm. It can be concluded that men need rings that are twice as large as women.

The jewelry industry, especially rings, also has a standard table of ring sizes that can be used as a standard in choosing the appropriate ring scale. Passion Jewelry will provide a table of ring sizes and scales (in Indonesian) based on circumference and diameter to make it easier to choose a ring size.

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