Dolls: The Most Consistent Toy Trend

Dolls: The Most Consistent Toy Trend

Children’s relationship with toys

No heart is so naive and innocent as that of a child. Yes, children are unpredictable and complex to understand but their love for toys is hidden from no one and is understood by all. You all at some point of your life must have tried pampering a child by giving incentive of a toy. Children’s attachment towards toys is beyond measure. It is natural. Is not quite strange how children so easily attach themselves to fun toys? For a child, ta oy is the meaning of love. You cannot make any child give up on its love for beautiful toys. Is it not amazing how children build so strong and pure love for lifeless things? I myself as a child was so attached to a bunny-face pillow that I used to carry it everywhere. I remember once persuading and coaxing my parents to let me carry it to a party. Toys are always the best gifts for a child.

Why do children need toys?

Children need toys for fun and recreation. A child is always longing to play with other children of their age group. It is not always possible to surround them with other kids so it is best to give them toys to play with. Children are best engaged with a toy. They inculcate a feeling of love, sharing, teamwork etc when they play with their lifeless toys. There are many toys in the market, which also help with basic education of a child. Children have a friend when they have a toy. They do not feel lonely when given toys. A child’s happiness really lies in its toys.

Dolls continue being the favorite toy

For kids too young it has mostly been found that they have some special love for dolls. Toy trends keep changing, but one toy which has been consistent over the years are the dolls. Obviously all young girls love the doll the most in their toys, but even male tiny tots are captured in love for dolls. Children relate a lot to dolls. They love playing fiction games with them based on their self made story. For a child the doll is not lifeless, in fact, to them it seems like another child who is a friend. Dolls are realistic toys which children use in plays having various imaginary roles. Dolls are beautiful. This is one of the major factors which binds a child with a doll. After all, children are naive and have no understanding of abstract meaning of beauty. Whatever they find pleasing to eyes, they just want it. Young girls even try dressing up their doll according to their taste and sometimes themselves dress up like a doll. There are different types of dolls available for children of different age groups and gender like Baby dolls, Rag dolls, Fashion dolls etc. Children play and grow better when they are given right toys. No toy box is complete without dolls of your baby’s choice.