Choosing the Best Hydrogen Cups

Choosing the Best Hydrogen Cups

Water that is rich in hydrogen comes with many therapeutic and health benefits. This means that we may see more and more hydrogen water manufacturers come into the market in the future because there are very many potential users.

The technology involved in the production of hydrogen has been a major success and the hydrogen water is popular. Manufacturers have noticed that there are high prospects of hydrogen water and the customer demand seems to be rising. It is for this reason that so many people are now manufacturing the hydrogen cups and other products that are hydrogen rich.

With so much influx in the market, people are confused about what the best cup is and how to make a choice. Some of the famous brands can actually be great, but there are other things that you should look for.

The Types of Cups

  • Water Rod:

When you want to produce hydrogen chemically, then you will need magnesium that has some minerals so that it can react with the water to produce hydrogen. In such a case, the hydrogen cup will be around 0.1-0.5 PPM. This is a kind of cup that is fairly priced. However, the chemical method comes with a drawback and that is the need to change filet elements to make a replacement of the magnesium minerals. These need to be replaced anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. The cups are generally cheaper.

  • Ordinary Electrolytic Cup

This cup has platinum electrodes as well as negative and positive electrodes that are extended in water within a cup. These generate oxygen and hydrogen simultaneously. However, anode produces some harmful substances like residual chlorine and ozone. The harmful substances amount is what determines the quality of the water, the manufacturing process, the circuits, and the electrodes. There are those who make use of different minerals to eliminate the residual chlorine and ozone chlorine. However, absorption is not always complete and the amount of the substances will depend on the report.

  • SPE Ion Exchange

There are some popular ion exchange membranes that are being used in different locations around the world. Such cups are able to eliminate any residual chlorine, allow the effective oxygen ions isolation, and offer selective permeability of the ions and so on. Hydrogen production is usually electrolytic. The ion membrane uses ions characteristics and some water to separate the oxygen and hydrogen radically. It is the cathode that generates the hydrogen. The anode is usually below water. The ozone and oxygen generated by the membrane are then eliminated. This method does not have any chlorine residue because the ions cannot pass through it.

It is very important for such cups to have an ion membrane. If the membrane is missing, then there may be some issues. If a membrane is not used, it means that ozone and residual chlorine can be consumed, which can be very harmful to health. When you consume these over time, you can develop chronic poisoning. This may cause a higher amount of free radicals within the body, thus making human’s age faster.

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