Are Your Undergarments Ruining Your Look?

Are Your Undergarments Ruining Your Look?

You’re ready for that special date, appointment or interview and you want to be sure that you look great. Here is a checklist that will help alleviate some stress and help you gain confidence.

1. Make sure there are no runs in your stockings. Take an extra pair with you before leaving home for added security.

2. Never wear dark undergarments under light clothing (bras or panties). Beige is a great colour to wear under whites because it can’t be seen. Keep the vibrant colours for darker clothes.

3. Don’t wear bras too tight or too low. Tight bras will create bulges that will not look attractive no matter how large or small you are. Go to a lingerie store to get a bra that fits properly. When you get older or you have a large bust you will need extra support. A drooping bust will make you look older instantly and is something that can be avoided by proper fit.

4. When wearing a top with smooth material choose a seamless bra. Don’t wear decorative bras with such tops.

5. Bras straps should never be seen sticking out from under your tops. Keep them hidden by wearing a racer back (this type criss-crosses your back) or a strapless bra.

6. Panty lines that show will ruin your look. Keep panty lines from showing by wearing a G-string or pants that aren’t too tight.

7. Don’t wear your clothes too tight. It looks unprofessional and will make you appear larger.

If you don’t have a full-length mirror, please get one. It will give you that last chance to see how you look from head-to-toe before you leave home.

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