5 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring Model on a Happy Day

5 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring Model on a Happy Day

The engagement ceremony is also one of the most important moments before stepping into the marriage stage. Starting from choosing a kebaya and shirt, the makeup to be used, to the engagement ring model as a symbol of the prenuptial agreement. There must be a huge list of tasks (task list) that must be done by couples who want to get engaged.

Of all the tasks above, choosing an engagement ring model is one that is quite burdensome. However, why should the engagement ceremony take place before marriage, and what kind of engagement ring should be prepared? All of this will be discussed in more detail in this article.
The Importance of Engagement Moments

In the past, engagement was only considered as a part of culture before building domestic life. Only a few people do so, and that’s because engagement is a condition for marriage to be legal in certain cultures. In fact, engagement holds many meanings that must be understood by every couple who wants to step into marriage.

That’s why the engagement moment is also equipped with a ring exchange event. The purpose is as a sign of a prenuptial agreement. Engaged couples also have a stronger footing or foundation before moving on to marriage. They will learn more about the life of a couple through this most beautiful moment.

One of the progress that engaged couples can experience is that they can learn to understand each other’s different mindsets and views. This progress will always be felt by couples who have built a household, and engagement is a preparation step.

Engagement is also a preparation for couples to build family life later. They can think about plans to have children, family finances, how to deal with conflicts in marriage, and various other household issues. There is also a time for them to make a prenuptial agreement at this time, in order to create an agreement in financial management.

Engaged people also learn to share life with their partner. They no longer live alone, but must start to get used to trusting their partner in any condition. Married life is lived by two people who have become one, and engagement is a preparation for them to no longer be selfish and start paying attention to the interests of their partner.

They are also increasingly deepening their role when they are married, namely as husband and wife, as well as parents (father and mother). This role is most often carried out during marriage, in addition to the role of children of parents, office workers, and others. Marriage is a life that will be lived until death picks up, and engagement becomes the training ground
Choosing an Engagement Ring Model

Looking at some of the reasons above, we can understand that engagement is also a sacred moment in the life of a couple. The engagement date becomes a bonding moment for the couple as a commitment to step into a more serious relationship. Engagement is also more complete by using a ring as a symbol of their promise.

Make no mistake, choosing an engagement ring model is different from choosing a wedding ring. There is nothing wrong if the couple also wants to have an engagement ring that stands out and stands out more when wrapped around their middle finger. For some people, engagement is considered the most serious moment, because this is where they learn to commit for the first time.

Before buying an engagement ring, Passioners can use some of these tips from Passion:
1. Don’t Stick with Trends

Engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so choose a ring that is timeless or gives a lot of impression to Passioners and their partner. Never get hung up on accessory trends when choosing an engagement ring, because it’s impossible for Passioners to replace the ring when the trend is gone, right?

Instead of choosing an engagement ring that was a hit at the time, choose a ring that really fits Passioners. The choice of engagement rings can be seen from the style of accessories they often use today. If you rarely use accessories, you can also ask about their engagement ring preferences.

Models of rings or other jewelry that are often used today can be a clue or clue about the style of accessories that you want to use for the rest of your life.
2. No need for a prominent ring

Engagement is also still a step before marriage, so there’s no need to buy a ring that stands out too much. The budget for the engagement ring can be reduced, then transferred to a wedding ring.

If Passioners and your partner are people who don’t care about the size of the ring, there’s no need to bother looking for a large ring. It’s better to choose a ring based on your color preference and the quality of the crystal clarity the diamond. Trends in the jewelry industry also pay less attention to the size of the ring that is made, but more to the style of the person who wears it.

Especially for women, now they prefer to find jewelry that fits and describes themselves. Lesti Kejora, a singer from Indonesia, also prefers a simple diamond ring for her wedding, namely the Ashoka Diamond Wedding Ring CKF0092B which is included in the Passion gallery. Looks simple, but is equipped with small diamond pieces that are around it.
3. Understand the Story Behind the Ring

In every jewelry store or jewelry store, there must be a ring made with an interesting story behind it. The majority of clients also appreciate rings with stories behind them.

Many customers are curious about the origin of the jewelry or diamond stones sold by the jewelry store. Jewelry materials such as diamonds, iron, and gemstones, for example, are examples of jewelry that have an interesting story when they were mined. Especially if the couple wants to make a custom ring or according to their own request, the jewelry store does not hesitate to see a diamond that is different and more unique than usual.
4. Choose a Unique Ring Design

Lots of people who crave a ring or jewelry that suits them, including engagement rings for couples. They prefer to no longer use traditional jewelry, but use a unique ring.

The engagement ring you are looking for should look trendy and relevant, but should still be timeless. This means that the rings made are not ordinary, but the designs are not tacky and have survived in all ages. This is the engagement ring model that is the target of young couples today.

The design of the engagement ring can also be made similar to that of a couple like Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar. The design of the two rings is very similar, only the difference is in the masculine style that is commonly used in men’s rings. Ashoka’s Rizky Billar wedding ring has a diamond accent on one side. In addition, the diamond frame is made to stand out, typical of the masculine ring style in general.
5. Collaborate with the Designer

Lastly, Passioners can work with a ring designer to create a more special piece of jewelery for the happy day. There are also some people who choose to create rings that can be customized to suit their style and personality.

As a guide, today’s couples choose rings that are a mix of vintage and modern styles. They are more concerned with the quality of the diamond than its size. Diamond cut is also an option for young couples for their happy day. One of them, rose cut which is often used in celebrity engagement rings.
Ashoka’s Engagement Ring Product Line and Model

Passion Jewelry has various products and models of engagement rings that can be an option for Passioners’ happy day. Ashoka is one of the newest collections from Passion Jewelry which is distinctive with its elegant feel. Ashoka comes from Sanskrit which means without suffering or sorrow. Couples who are engaged to one of these ring collections are expected to always be happy and not experience great difficulties in their love journey.

The beauty of Ashoka’s name is also reflected in all the engagement ring collections from Passion Jewelry. A sprinkling of diamonds and a beautiful ring design can be a symbol of choice for a prenuptial bond with your partner.

The average Ashoka ring design at Passion Jewelry is indeed a ring for women. Don’t worry, men can also design an engagement ring which is a masculine version. Like the Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar series, the two rings have almost the same design. The difference lies in the masculine and feminine styles of the ring.

If Passioners are curious about Ashoka’s product line from Passion Jewelry, read the descriptions of some of the products we offer.


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